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The resort offers a total of 139 suites and villas and a wide range of facilities, services and activities to its guests. In an effort to provide a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Deniz / Kara Manzaralı / 4 Kişilik Oda

Suit Oda

  • 24 m2
  • 4 Misafir
  • . 2 Single 1 Double Yatak

Deniz / Kara Manzaralı / 4 Kişilik, Ara Kapı ile Bölünmüş 2 oda şeklinde 24-30 metrekareden oluşmaktadır.

Deniz / Kara Manzaralı / Çift Kişilik Oda

Aile Odası

  • 15 m2
  • 2 Misafir
  • . 1 Double

Deniz yada kara manzaralı çift kişilik otel odasıdır. 1 Double Yatak bulunmaktadır.

Deniz / Kara Manzaralı / 2 Kişilik Oda

Standart Oda

  • 15 m2
  • 2 Misafir
  • . 2 Single Yatak
  • 1 Banyo

Deniz yada kara manzaralı 2 Kişilik Otel odasıdır. 2 Single Yatak bulunmaktadır.

Tropical luxury in the Pacific islands with exclusive over-water bungalows and villas at our 5-star hotel

Wake up each morning to picturesque ocean or lagoon views from every hotel room

All of our bungalows boast sleek bathrooms with soaking tubs, separate showers and premium amenities

Enjoy coffee or cocktails whilst relaxing on your bungalow's private deck overlooking the water

Experience authentic Fijian craftsmanship and modern hotel luxuries in our overwater bungalows

Upgrade your stay in our Fiji hotel for more spacious accommodation and adjoining rooms

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